1. Is the qEEG-Pro report service compatible with my EEG amplifier?

The qEEG-Pro report service can process .edf files from the following EEG amplifiers:

Brainmaster Discovery
Deymed TruScan
Freedom 24D
MindMedia Nexus
Neurofield Q20
Neurosoft Neuron-Spectrum
J&J Neuronavigator
Cognionics Quick 20
Cadwell Easy 2

2. Do I need to de-artifact my raw EEG before I upload it to the qEEG-Pro report service?

No need to worry about de-artifacting yourself, just upload your raw EEG to the qEEG-Pro report service and the raw EEG will be automatically de-artifacted using S.A.R.A. It is also possible (but not recommendable) to upload de-artifacted EEGs and switch of S.A.R.A.

3. Does S.A.R.A use ICA in its de-artifacting procedures?

S.A.R.A does not use ICA, since ICA can distort phase relationships between electrode sites.

4. Is my client data safe?

All your EEGs will be processed anonymously and will be present on the qEEG-Pro server for 6 months, after which it is deleted.

5. Will my client’s data be used for research purposes?

No it will not.