The qEEG-Pro report service offers you 3 yearly licenses with varying number of credits.

Exclusive Trial Offer
$ 50 / 90 days
Max 5 qEEG-Pro reports, 5 Neuroguide reports. To be used within 90 days. Max 1 per customer.
$ 695 / year
Max 250 qEEG-Pro reports, 25 Neuroguide reports included. Limited to 2 recording devices you own.
$ 995 / year
Max 500 qEEG-Pro reports, 50 Neuroguide reports included. Limited to 2 recording devices you own.
$ 1495 / year
Unlimited ammount of qEEG-Pro reports, 100 Neuroguide reports included. Limited to 2 recording devices you own*.


One credit is charged for each EEG that is uploaded. Additional credits are charged for special analyses (MRIcron) and Protocol Recommendation reports.

Here’s an example of the amount of credits that can be charged for a single patient:

  • 2 EEG recordings (Eyes open/Eyes closed): 2 credits
  • 1 MRIcron analyses (e.g. Eyes Closed): 1 credit
  • 1 Protocol Recommendation report (e.g. Eyes Open): 1 credit
  • Total: 4 credits

Available credits can be used only during your subscription period. When you renew your subscription you receive a new amount of credits (amount depends on which license you ordered), remaining credits from previous period are not transferred to the new period.

The service includes 10% Neuroguide reports. This number is limited because it needs manual processing from our side. If you want to order more Neuroguide reports you can order them per 10 for $ 200.

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The qEEG-Pro report service can process .edf files from the following EEG amplifiers:

Brainmaster Discovery
Deymed TruScan
Freedom 24/20/10 (For Freedom 10 files, no sLORETA reports or Neuroguide reports can be generated)
MindMedia Nexus
Neurofield Q20
Neurosoft Neuron-Spectrum
J&J Neuronavigator (No Neuroguide reports)
Cognionics Quick 20
Neuracle (No Neuroguide reports)
Cadwell Easy 2
Cadwell Apollo (No Neuroguide reports)
Memory MD NeuroEEG (No Neuroguide reports)
Medicom Encephalan-EEGR-19/26
Zeto (No Neuroguide reports)
Neuroelectrics StarStim


* If your EEG recording device does not provide a serial number the number of qEEG-Pro reports is automatically limited to 1.000.

List of devices providing a serialnumber:

  • BrainMaster Discovery
  • Freedom 24D