We offer you a secure online portal where you upload your raw EEG files in a fast and intuitive way. The uploaded EEG file is automatically de-artifacted by S.A.R.A, our state-of-the-art standardized artifact rejection algorithm. You will get a pdf report showing the results of the de-artifacting procedure. You will also get the de-artifacted EEG in .edf format.

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S.A.R.A Example

The de-artifacted EEG is processed and compared with the relevant age bin of the qEEG-Pro database. Three pdf reports are created for the Linked Ears montage, the Laplacian (CSD) montage and the source-reconstructed signal using sLORETA. The qEEG-Pro reports consist of the following analyses:

  • FFT Absolute Power
  • FFT Relative Power
  • Phase Coherence
  • Alpha peak detection
  • Amplitude Asymmetry
  • Phase Lag
  • Comodulation (Cross-frequency power correlations)
  • Burst Metrics (Max burst power, FWHM, Interburst Interval, Bursts per second)
  • Extreme Z-score development (Age simulation analyses) *
  • Power Fluctuation Analyses *
  • Percentage Deviant Activity *

* Developed exclusively for guiding Neurofeedback protocol design.