qEEG-Pro consists of a number of tools that will help you in deciding what the best treatment for your client will be

  • S.A.R.A provides sophisticated automatic de-artifacting of your raw EEG
  • The qEEG Profile Report contains automatic and standardized interpretations of the qEEG results.
  • Protocol Recommendation Reports can be requested for your client using processed EEGs and symptomology ratings or questionnaire data.
  • The qEEG Profile Report provides a new way to visualize the neuropsychological profile of an individual. It describes qEEG deviations in the context of psychopathology in a way that is easy to understand for people who are no experts in the field of qEEG. You can share qEEG Profile Reports with your patient or with other medical professionals.
  • qEEG-Pro supports MRIcron, which enables easy and flexible 3d modeling of sLORETA z-scores.