The qEEG Profile Report provides a new way to visualize the neuropsychological profile of an individual. It describes EEG deviations in the context of psychopathology in a way that is easy to understand for people who are no experts in the field of qEEG. You can share qEEG Profile Reports with your patient or with other medical professionals.

EEG Biomarkers


EEG biomarkers are EEG deviations that are known to be associated with certain disorders and certain arousal states. The qEEG Profile Report visualizes the degree that these EEG biomarkers are present using sophisticated infographics. Moreover, it shows the degree that the EEG profile of a patient matches his or her psychopathological profile.

EEG Source Analyses


The qEEG Profile Report also contains the results of highly advanced source analyses. It shows the activation level and communication patterns of 6 well-known resting-state brain networks or hubs:

  • Default Mode Network (DMN)
  • Dorsal Attention Network (DAN)
  • Emotion-Regulation Cortex (ERC)
  • Sensory-Motor Cortex (SMC)
  • Memory Network (MN)
  • Visual Cortex (VC)

For each of these networks and hubs, it’s relevance for arousal levels and psychopathology is highlighted.

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