Welcome to qEEG-Pro Support

If you need an experienced mentor with clinical, technical and scientific expertise, Dr. André Keizer is available to help you get the most out of your qEEG-Pro subscription. To enquire about mentorship, please send an email to support@qeeg.pro For more information on mentorship and single ‘Expert Coaching’ sessions, click here.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos on how to get started with qEEG-Pro, as well as in-depth descriptions of the different qEEG-Pro analyses.  Detailed descriptions about the qEEG-Pro database and analyses can be also be found in the qEEG-Pro manual.

If you have run out of qEEG-Pro credits and want to renew your qEEG-Pro subscription, please reach out to sales@brainm.com. BrainMaster Technologies is the exclusive reseller of qEEG-Pro and will help you with your purchase.

Finally, if you have questions or suggestions regarding qEEG-Pro, please send an email to: